Connecting Buncombe County: Bridging the Broadband Gap

Take Action Now for a Better-Connected Buncombe County

In Buncombe County, we’re on a mission to enhance our broadband infrastructure and ensure that no one is left behind in the digital age. Limited access to high-speed internet is holding back our community, preventing us from seizing opportunities in remote work, online education, telehealth, and e-commerce. By participating in our broadband survey, you become a catalyst for change.

Your voice matters. By taking our broadband survey, you help us identify areas in need of improved internet access.

Are you a current homeowner with deficient internet access? Let local government know and increase your chances of getting better access.

Choose a home with sufficient internet access, ensuring a bright future for your family.

Your participation creates a more accurate picture of broadband access gaps in Buncombe County. Together, we’ll prioritize areas for increased and improved access.

Take Action Now for a Better-Connected Buncombe County

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